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July 10, 2017

GCC Presents: From Darkness to Light. The Evolution of Destiny Pt.1


This is where it all began. From being revived from a little light, to the phenomenon it is today your hosts dive into a game called Destiny and talk about its troubled past and how it almost didnt come out. Give a listen as these three strapping guardians talk experiences and memories as well as dive into history about the orignial version of Destiny.  Also check us out on twitter @GCContinuum to keep an eye out for important news and information and to watch the video version search on YouTube for GameCast Continum.

Lastly if you would like to see the show live go check out mixer.com/gamecastcontinuum

We have a crowdfunding campaign going as well for you to check out. As always we appreciate any support, it will only make the show better from here on out. 

Thanks again for the support and give some feedback or questions to gamecastcontinuum@gmail.com. Or tweet feedback to @GCContinuum.

as always, thanks for listening

-DC, MrB, DD

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